Enjoy the luxury of your own private doctor at a surprisingly affordable price

Health and wellness from someone you trust
Clear pricing
No shopping around
Insurance not required
No waits
24/7 access

Join us and turn your worst healthcare nightmare into a dream for the future!

Worst healthcare nightmare

  • Wasting an afternoon in a waiting room
  • Stressing over a surprise bill
  • Laying awake at night with frightening symptoms and no one to call
  • Gambling on a drugstore clinic
  • Trusting your life to strangers in an emergency room or hospital
  • Facing a bad diagnosis with unanswered questions

Imagine your own luxury physician

  • Enjoy visiting your doctor for a relaxed visit in a serene setting with no wait
  • Clear posted pricing with no hidden fees
  • Rest comfortably knowing your doctor is a phone call away
  • Know you have a partner to guide you to a healthy life
  • Rely on your doctor to navigate you through a confusing healthcare system
  • Have a trusted friend who listens and answers all of your questions
  • Be treated with dignity, compassion and respect

We believe all individuals, regardless of income, education or insurance status, deserve the luxury of a personal physician with premier service at an affordable price. We are proud to join thousands across the USA in the “direct primary care” movement to bring humanity back to healthcare.


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