Frequently asked questions

Direct Primary Care

Primary care is the foundation of healthcare in this country.  80-90% of all healthcare can be provided by Primary Care doctors.  Primary Care doctors are trained to diagnose and treat acute and chronic illnesses, as well as promote and maintain health and wellness—this includes patient education, disease prevention and counseling   Evidence shows that good access to Primary Care can help people live longer, feel better and avoid disability and long absences from work.  Primary Care promotes being “fit for life.”

Direct primary care is a new, fast growing model of healthcare which enables doctors and patients to have a relationship which does not involve insurance companies.  There are no insurance co-pays, deductibles or billing headaches.  Direct Primary Care returns basic healthcare into an affordable and manageable direct relationship between patients and physicians.

Our practice returned from the insurance based “fee for service” doctor’s office to a totally relaxed, classic practice of old.  Since we are not employees or affiliated with insurance companies, hospitals or corporate groups—we can now provide you the best options and advice for specialists, tests and services, without obligations to others.

Until May 2017, we were unable to include unlimited visits into our Care Programs based on Indiana law.  With the passage of the Direct Primary Care bill by the Indiana Legislature, we now can offer unlimited service contracts to new patients.  Our current patients, who have a limited visit package may upgrade to our unlimited plan.  As we age, we require more medical services and products to remain in good health.  With this transition to WPP Unlimited, age-based pricing becomes simple and straightforward.  This change allows us to minimize your expenses by providing unlimited visits at no additional charge.

Your healthcare should be personal, private and delivered by caring, compassionate clinicians who take the time to listen and become your partner in care. Healthcare should be of high quality with prevention and wellness and be completely accessible to you at all times. Pricing should be transparent and affordable with no hidden fees or costs. Let us worry about your healthcare, while you take care of the rest of your life.


We welcome all patients with or without insurance.  Direct Primary Care works for everyone.  We are not dependent on insurance contracts or networks.  We are not forced to discriminate among patients based on insurance status.  We are a private, independent practice that does not file, bill or accept payment from insurance companies.  We will be happy to provide a properly coded document if you wish to submit our fees to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement.  This depends upon your insurance contract and it’s benefits.  If you have an option to “choose” your health insurance, we recommend that you select a PPO plan or policy that allows you to see “any doctor” and proudly offers “out of network” benefits.

Our practice is excellent for those Medicare enrollees who want or need more services than the government minimum provides with Medicare. Our Medicare patients pay our annual fee directly to us for our office services. Your Medicare can be used for everything else outside our office such as specialists, testing, procedures, and hospitalizations. We are pleased to draw your labs IN OUR OFFICE as we have a full service private laboratory that will bill your labs to Medicare for your convenience.

 We are part of the Medicare program as “ordering and referring physicians”. This means that we are free to order tests, write prescriptions, and refer to specialists. Part B Medicare and Medicare Advantage PPO programs work best with our DPC practice.

Our fees are designed to be 100% compliant with Health Savings Accounts (FSA, HRA, HSA ) covered regulations.  We do recommend that you always check with your tax advisor or Human Resources director.  If you are planning on using your Health Savings Account for our services, please keep in mind the following:

a. Fees and services are based on a calendar year, which means all payments and services must be in the same year to qualify

b. Please notify us of the your intent to use your HSA and we will assist you in getting your maximum benefit.

c.  Payments to WPP should me made quarterly, bi-annually or annually to qualify.  We recommend payments at the beginning of each quarter or calendar year to insure that your services and payments coordinate.

Westfield Premier Physicians

Yes, your contract is for our annual services (12 months) in order for you to obtain the best value for our WPP unlimited care program.  If you are unhappy for any reason with our service or wish to cancel your annual contract, you may do so with a 90 day WRITTEN NOTICE.  (We are unable to process any request less than 90 days.)  Any services already performed will be pro-rated.  Refunds will be granted after the service items are paid.  Contracts are automatically renewed unless a 90-day written notice is received requesting cancellation.  Please refer to your contract for further information.

You may pay with cash, credit, check or debit card.  For your convenience, we request a credit card “on file” for incidentals and to facilitate your payments throughout the year.

Please call one of our team members or physicians at the Westfield Premier office at 317-597-2058.  We welcome you to make a “meet the doctor” appointment.  If you wish to enroll someone other than yourself, such as a spouse, child or parent—please list him or her as a family member, and complete a separate application for each individual.  Giving a loved one a membership in Westfield Premier is a very touching and appreciated gift for many of our patients.

Yes. Dr. Habig is a senior aviation examiner and will continue to offer aviation exams for ALL levels of pilots and does not require membership. If you are a pilot and do enroll in our WPP Unlimited program, your FAA exam is included as a complimentary service.

Yes.  Always and anytime. We take pride in our 24/7 availability.  Unlike other organizations, our physicians and our trusted nurse practitioner, Carla, will answer phones directly to assist you,  without going through an answering service.  After hours, please call your physician’s daytime office number and select the option “if you would like to reach the physician on call please press 1”. Our 24/7 protection plan can avert trips to the emergency room, urgent care or corner drug store, provide the care you need and save you money and time.

Absolutely. Offering employees health benefits is becoming increasingly difficult for business owners. Employers pay, on the average, over $18,000 per employee each year, and employees are still saddled with high deductibles and co-pays.

With WPP and direct primary care, your employees can receive a year’s worth of primary care services, miss less work and receive personal attention from a private doctor. They will enjoy unlimited office visits with no deductibles or co-pays and avoid the high cost of emergency room/urgent care visits.

We have found that offering employees this option and coupling with a Health Cost Sharing organization or high deductible insurance plan is a cost saving choice for many employers.

We believe that prevention is very important. We have designed Care Programs, which consist of a bundle of services based on your age and preventive guidelines for your health and wellness. This takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out what medical care you need. Our Care Programs include annual physical exams with age appropriate labs, diagnostics and screens. All Care Programs have built in follow-up preventive visits and progress updates to improve your health.

You are a Premier patient with WPP. We would like to be your healthcare advocate outside our office. It is best to notify your doctor before you go to an ER, hospital, or specialist. We can work with your other physicians to make sure you get the care you need, and we are available to help navigate the process. Your trusted personal physician will be with you all the way.